SF author L. S. King


Sword's Edge Chronicles


A series of tales seemingly set in a world of medieval fantasy,
but with roots in science fiction.


"...The characters are soundly crafted... The society is complex and intriguing; the action scenes are detailed and well described. I look forward to reading the rest of this fine series."
  - P.M. Griffin, SF author



(stories listed chronologically)

  • Unlikely Prophet Now available!
  •   Unlikely Prophet
    the first book in the Sword's Edge Histories
    a prequel of the Sword's Edge Chronicles,which takes place over 1000 years before Sword's Edge


    Security Chief Avadhron has lost hope. His planet is dying. His people forced to retreat to living in domes to escape the toxic atmosphere. But between earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, how long can they last? In anger and despair, the people turn on each other. Avadhron struggles to keep order out of a sense of duty, but he has no more optimism than anyone else.

    The long-dormant portal activates, ushering in the arrival of an alien. Is he of the race his people call the Elders? The ones who dumped them on this unstable planet and deserted them?

    Avadhron doesn’t trust this alien or his offers of help, but reluctantly is forced to back the plan which would move his people through the portal to a new planet, but can they learn the survival skills necessary to live on this new world? And is it already too late? Can they move an entire population before their planet destroys itself?


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  • Elyria Map for Unlikely Prophet


  • Alcandhor
  • An e-book compiling these three previously published short stories:

    • "Alternate Path" published in Deep Magic, July 2005
    • "Bitter Storm" published in Deep Magic, January 2004
    • "Petition" published in Residential Aliens, November 2010


  • "Not Good"
  • Free: a fun vignette which takes place about six years before Sword's Edge


  • Sword's Edge
  •   Sword's Edge

    Tam's youth and self-doubt conspire against her. Taken from her mountain home, she is recruited as a spy. Her strength, love of kin, and her very identity are tested by a siege, traitorous lords, and a murderous plot against her family. Tragedy strikes, and with the help of a mysterious alien relic, she must undertake a dangerous mission. Can this young lass succeed or will the assassins at her heels cost her all?

    A powerful tale seemingly set in a world of medieval fantasy, but with roots in science fiction.


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  • Children of the Enaisi
  •   Children of the Enaisi

    Marcalan is haunted by secrets. He learned early on not to tell anyone about his alien ancestry. It would only bring shame on his family if people knew.

    And he has dared to fall in love with his Thane’s niece.

    As for her, Tam is unsure of herself, and now, living in the city where she's heir to the Thane, she feels even more alone, especially with her alien abilities. Her uncle is determined to use her to access the fabled portal and its secrets.

    Opening that portal could change the world: literally change it. On the other side is the technology of the aliens whose DNA gave Marcalan and Tam their special gifts and could bring to their people advanced technology and advanced civilization, and the loss of everything they love.

    They could lose control of their secrets.
    They could lose one another.
    They could even lose their lives.


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    And in e-book:



  • Teldheri Map
  • Pronunciation Guide



Two books on sale for
$0.99 for a limited time:

Deuces Wild: Beginners' Luck

Unlikely Prophet
(a prequel of the Sword's Edge Chronicles)


Laws and Prophecies, the third book of the Sword's Edge Chronicles is slated for release soon.


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