SF author L. S. King


Sword's Edge

a science fiction novel
by L. S. King

the first book of the Sword's Edge Chronicles


"...The characters are soundly crafted... The society is complex and intriguing; the action scenes are detailed and well described. I look forward to reading the rest of this fine series."
  - P.M. Griffin, award-winning SF author




Can a lass overcome her self-doubt to uncover the traitors who threaten her clan? Will she provide her clan leader with the key to unlocking their alien mentors' mysterious past?

Sword's Edge

The world is on a sword’s edge of change. Traitors are everywhere. Thane Alcandhor needs to discover who they are before key leaders are assassinated, plunging them into war.
Fifteen-year-old Tam knows only the harshness of rigorous Ranger training at the hands of her unloving father. Alcandhor recruits her as a spy. Will her inexperience and self-doubt endanger not only her mission, but her own life?
And what is the link between this lass and their alien ancestors? Could she be the link to the mysteries of their past?


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Sword's Edge




    "King creates wonderful characters, unfolding them naturally... [She] weaves science fiction with the setting and atmosphere of the medieval period in a way that is believable and thrilling. From swords and candles to artificial light and automatic doors, she makes it all fit together.

    Sword's Edge is another triumph for Lee King. I'm already asking for the sequel."     - TLC Librarian


    "The story is well-paced, masterfully crafted, and delivers on every level. I want more. I need more. I shall pant and obsess wildly and fill the author's social networking pages with demands for MORE, MORE, MORE! Dang it, L.S. King!"     - Reader Review by Scothia - Amazon


    "I identified with the main character and felt part of the adventure. I fell in love with so many of the characters and felt as if they were my own family. The only problem with the book was that it ended too quickly!"     - Reader Review by Woodland Wildflower - Amazon


    "I was immersed in an adventure and couldn't wait to see how the main characters dealt with all that was going on around them. It kept me going right until the end."     - Reader Review by V. Krueger - Amazon


    "I can't remember when was the last time I read a book I didn't want to put down. It is a great read! Wonderful plot and enchanting characters, some of them I must say I fell in love with. Can't wait for the next one!"     - Reader Review by soperales - Smashwords


    "Beautifully written, and I look forward to seeing how the characters progress. L. S. King has a great imagination and once you pick up this book, it is extremely hard to put down until you finish."     - Reader Review by Dee - Amazon


    "Sword's Edge was very well written, it had a good plot, a nice story line, a lot of details, and characters you grew to really care about..In fact I had to stay up one night (all night) reading because i just could not put it down. i can't wait to see what happens next."     - Reader Review by Rhonda Jean - Amazon


    "This is a good, well paced story with intrigue and great plot development. I found myself binge reading the book! I definitely look forward to learning what is next for the main characters."     - Reader Review by Edward Coverdale - Amazon


    "Excellent! Thoroughly enjoyed reading this well-written book. I highly recommend it! Waiting impatiently for the next book!"     - Reader Review by Susanszy - Amazon




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Laws and Prophecies, the third book of the Sword's Edge Chronicles is slated for release in autumn.


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